Customer References


Holger Wellner, Managing Director

We always felt well supervised by Mrs. Steck, in the phase of planning and during the store opening. We have been working together with Steck training & beratung since 2012 and due to that collaboration we boast an annuel sales growth of 30%.

Christoph Huber, Managing Director

Due to her profound knowledge the collaboration with Mrs. Steck was a great convenience during the process of area and shop arrangement. Furthermore Mrs. Steck gave important hints concerning architecture and style. Working together with Mrs. Steck led to measurable success very fast.

Lothar Rödel, Supervision of Mode Erlebnis Kaufhäuser Frey-Gruppe

Mrs. Steck and her Team work professional and determined to improve the revenue as well as the achieved margin. This year we could increase the sales and margins of all our lingerie departments. We strongly downsized the price campaigns and sell with price stability now.

Anette Jundt-Schöttle, Managing Director of Blum-Jundt Mode in Emmendingen

Mrs. Steck analyzed the location as well as the market potential. Due to that she gave us an appropriate recommendation. She also advised us in terms of interior decoration and assumed the planing of our lingerie business concerning the structure of the assortment and the suppliers. We have a steady sales and revenue growth.
Dank ihr hatten wir in den letzen Jahren ein stetiges Umsatz- und Ertragswachstum.

Horst Dömling, Managing Director Pecht Einkaufswelt

Mrs. Steck was responsible for the marchandise management conuslting, lingerie training and for breaking the new, young department manageress in and she did very well. Her exceeding commitment as well as her enthusiasm for the staff and the goods, have led to an ongoing, positive change in our store.
Ihr außerordentliches Engagement, Ihre Begeisterung für Mitarbeiter und Ware haben in unserem Haus zu einer nachhaltigen, positiven Veränderung geführt.

Katja Küster-Schmitt, Managing Director Modehaus Küster

Mrs. Steck convinced with her comprehensive knowledge of the industry as well as with her great negotiating skils. Through the collaboration with Mrs. Steck developed and strengthened our knowledge in lingerie in many ways. Especially in the field of big cups and new innovativ brands.