Industry Expertise

– The Bodywear sector is our home –

The consumer spendings in the apparel industry increases worldwide. In Germany there has been an average annual increment by 2,3 % within the last five years. In the year 2015 roughly 75 billion Euro were spent for fashion (+1,8 %  in comparison to the previous year). Accordingly, the Germans spent 900 Euro per year for clothing. As a result they exceed the EU-average of 700 Euro clearly.

Specially in the sector of lingerie Germany generates the third highest revenue in the world. The consumer spendings have been increased for the last five years by 1,5 % on average. Roughly 163 Euro are spend for lingerie per year.

The apperal industry, specially the bodywear sector, is also hit by digitalization. Because of that and despite the increase of complexity, there are valuable and success enhancing chances, which bring great potential. But there is also to underline, that the apperal sector is hard to beat, when it comes to dynamic and volatility. The job situation is endangered due to the online trading. Because of the ongoing use of digital mediums and the weak supply within several rural areas, the producer´s revenue increases especially via the e-commerce. In the year 2016 the online trading has rendered roughly 13 billion Euro, which is approximately 17 % of the whole retail turnover.

To run successful store areas, setting up new ones or to place products profitable, it takes an appropriate market acauaintance as well as product-specific expert knowledge. Whether as a trader or as a producer – by a collaboratin you profit from more than 20 years of successful consulting. Therefore we are international experts, who provide access to market surpassing conditions for our customers.

Development of Steck partners 2016 compared to the previous year (sales floor area)

On average:

12,03 %

Revenue performance

On average:

55,38 %

Obtained margin